Our founder, Steve Casey, began cleaning over 35 years ago along-side his father George. Cleaning properties in Sydney, George Casey taught his son everything he knew about cleaning to perfection and about the cleaning industry.

With this knowledge and his father's blessing, Steve was able to start his own cleaning business alongside his partner Rachael. Together, they both had cleaning experience and knowledge to grow Casey's Quality Cleans to the multi-state operation it is now.

Casey's Quality Cleans solid reputation has been built on strong relationships and long-term contracts with happy clients. Word of mouth has helped grow Casey's Quality Cleans to the force it is today.

Sadly, Steve’s father passed away in October of 2016, however his legacy and legend still lives on in the name of Casey's Quality Cleans.

Our History

Casey Quality Cleans Pty Ltd started off over 35 years ago with Steve our CEO. He started cleaning just like you and me with his father cleaning Fairfield area health services buildings all them years ago, before branching out on his own working for various contractors just like you.

So starting out as a sole trader Steve meet Rachel and together we were cleaning sites together hence we were able to take on more work, eventually we gained a few reasonable contracts of our own and were able to employ a few friends who were down on there luck, we grew and grew finally in late 2015 we became a partnership, however word of mouth had got around and we had grown even more than we anticipated and so we formed the company in August of 2016.


We look for honest reliable people, you don't like to be mucked around and neither do we.

We need you to get in and do the job and do it correctly, we don't mind if this is just a stop gap to earn some money while you are down and out until something better comes along, in fact that is the majority of the cleaning industry.

We do understand how hard it can be remember we have been there and even today we still clean sites just because we own the company does not mean we don't get our hands dirty remember this company is based on our reputation that we have built up over many years our blood, sweat and tears have gone in to its very foundations and we are very proud of that.


Where are we heading?? Well that all depends as a valued member of the CQC team, the sky is the limit!!!

we are very proud of our reputation and aim to keep it that way, we take pride in everything we undertake, and word of mouth soon gets around, we do tender for contracts and eventually plan to be nationwide and maybe even branch out to New Zealand.

We are taking baby steps right now, but wouldn't it be great if you had to move to a different state, and be safe in the knowledge that as a important team member you could have work waiting for you when you got there.

Our values

We pride ourselves on our high standards, and we expect our staff to adhere to these same standards. We want our clients to be happy and we encourage them to air any concerns with us. Maintaining strong relationships with our clients is important to us and we often touch base by picking up the phone to make sure our clients are happy with their service, asking how we can improve.

Cleaning services

Office cleaning

General office cleaning duties include:
Additional office cleaning services:

Water extractions

Water extractions can be complete after a heavy downpour, ceiling leaks, sink overflow, or pipe bursts.
We can quickly extract the water to save your precious carpets.

Window cleaning

We perform sparkle and shine office window cleaning on single storey buildings, inside the building.

Flooring treatments

We strip and seal floors, making that old tired floor look like new again.

Carpet cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning services be it a big or small job we will get it done.

Types of businesses we work with: